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Do Employers Have to Provide Paid Sick Leave?

While Federal and Virginia laws govern some aspects of minimum wages, overtime and medical leave, there is no Virginia law that expressly requires private sector employers to provide paid sick leave to its employees. Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), qualified employees are entitled to take up to 12 weeks of protected medical leave for [...]

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Can Your Employer Lay Claim to Your Social Media Account?

Your employer sets up personal Twitter and Linked-In accounts for you to help promote their business.  The employment relationship invariably ends, and both parties lay claim to ownership of the accounts.  Who prevails? A Federal Court in Pennsylvania addressed this issue recently in the case of Eagle v. Edcomm, et al.  In Eagle, the employer had key employees [...]

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Can an Employer Require Random Alcohol Tests?

A U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania recently addressed the issue of whether an employer may utilize a random alcohol testing policy for its employees. Initially, it is important to note that drug and alcohol testing testing standards differ between government and private sector employers.  Government employers, who are subject to Constitutional search and seizure restrictions, must survive a [...]

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