Monthly Archives: March 2013

Can Your Employer Lay Claim to Your Social Media Account?

Your employer sets up personal Twitter and Linked-In accounts for you to help promote their business.  The employment relationship invariably ends, and both parties lay claim to ownership of the accounts.  Who prevails? A Federal Court in Pennsylvania addressed this issue recently in the case of Eagle v. Edcomm, et al.  In Eagle, the employer had key employees [...]

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Does the FMLA Provide for a”Light Duty” Return to Work?

The Seventh Circuit recently addressed the interplay of FMLA and “light duty” restrictions in James v. Hyatt Regency Chicago (7th Cir., 2013).   In James, the plaintiff suffered from a visual condition and subsequent eye injury that prompted surgery and an associated request for Family Medical Leave (FMLA).   After his 12 weeks of FMLA expired, the employee requested to [...]

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Will “Jobless” Applicants Become a New Protected Class?

An employment rights debate is brewing in New York City.  Mayor Bloomburg has vetoed a local Council bill that would give protected class status to “unemployed” workers in New York City, making it illegal for employers to discriminate in their hiring practices due to job status.  Council is expectd to override the veto. This discrimination measure seeks to prevent employers from advertising [...]

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